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How to Find the Best Food for Your Pitbull: 4 Things to Consider

You might think that counting carbs or adhering to a high-protein diet is just for human athletes. Not true! Our pitbulls also benefit greatly from a high-quality dog food regimen full of antioxidants and virtually grain-free. Whether you are the proud parent of a petite pitbull puppy or are looking to help your four-legged friend build muscle, you want your dog’s diet to contain as few byproducts as possible to help them maintain a healthy weight through all of their life stages.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at why a balanced diet is important for your pitbull and how to find the best food to add to their overall nutrition plan. 

Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Pitbull’s Diet

While it may seem impossible to believe that our athletic pitbull partners are prone to a number of health issues, some of these issues can be mitigated by a proper diet. The following are common pitbull health concerns that can be managed or avoided by paying close attention to your dog’s diet:

black pitbull dog

  • Volvulus: This often-fatal ailment that occurs when the stomach fills with gas or liquid has been directly linked to allowing your pooch to overeat.
  • Allergies: Pitbulls are particularly prone to allergies. Dairy and wheat are the most common culprits, and ingestion of kibble that contains these ingredients can lead to ear infections, rashes, and a range of other undesirable skin-related symptoms.
  • Hip dysplasia: Like most large-breed dogs, pitbulls regularly suffer from hip dysplasia. Many pitbull owners may not realize that exercise and food brands that encourage lean muscle can all but eradicate this painful problem.

Older dogs can frequently be subject to debilitating cataracts that are due, in many cases, to high blood pressure and diabetes. By the same token, too much weight gain in pitbulls is linked to their heightened vulnerability to hypothyroidism, a digestive and metabolic disorder that can be sidestepped by keeping your pet at a reasonable body weight. 

The average weight for a pitbull can vary by height and proportions and whether there is any Staffordshire blood present. This makes it crucial for owners to recognize when their unique dogs have begun to gain weight and when they are clinically underweight.

Important Ingredients You Want in Your Pitbull’s Dog Food

Most pitbull owners are looking for a good dry dog food that packs a hefty dose of amino acids, healthy fats, and other protein sources. Whether you’re trying to help your pitbull gain muscle or maintain their current physique, you don’t want to read a label that makes chemical additives, preservatives, and fillers the primary source for nutrition. 

Instead, look for some of the ingredients listed below:

  • High-quality protein source: Chicken meal, for instance, offers nearly 300% more protein than fresh chicken.
  • Healthy carbohydrates: Brown rice, for example, is a healthy high-calorie source.
  • Omega-3: This is a natural fatty acid that helps prevent arthritis.
  • Antioxidants: Vitamin E, such as that found in beets and kelp, is an antioxidant that helps protect your dog from free radicals.
  • Probiotics: Ensure these are in your dog food, as they foster proper gut health for your dog by balancing good bacteria in the digestive system.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Dog Food for Your Pitbull

A healthy diet is incredibly important for all dog breeds. When it comes to the best food for your pitbull, here are four things you’ll want to keep in mind. 

Read the Ingredient Label

This is a big one. When it comes to deciding on the best dog food for your pitbull, you want to be sure you read the ingredient label carefully. Dog food that is full of empty carbs, for instance, can actually cause your beloved pet to lose weight if the calories in question are nothing but the equivalent to canine junk food. Beyond taking a closer look at the specific ingredients included on the label, you’ll also want to see whether it’s clear the exact benefits of the specific ingredients. The more information you can gain from the label, the better. 

At Bully Max, we offer full label disclosure, meaning that every ingredient used is clearly stated on the label. 

Research the Brand

Another step you don’t want to skip is taking the time to research the brand of dog food. Does their website contain customer reviews? Do they provide additional resources to help keep your pitbull in the best possible shape? At Bully Max, not only do we share our customer reviews, but we also offer educational resources to help you know what’s best for both you and your dog.  

Make Sure Your Dog Food Can Grow With Your Pitbull

You’ll also want to look at the big picture when choosing the right dog food. You want a brand that offers different food options based on where your dog is at in their stage of life. For instance, pitbull puppies come with a whirlwind of happy energy that requires a diet full of quality proteins.

We offer multiple nutrition plans depending on pitbull’s stage of life. For instance, we can help pitbull puppies as young as four weeks old grow muscle mass and build immunities so that they have a better chance of avoiding unnecessary ailments as older dogs. Beyond diet, we also understand that a comprehensive nutritional plan should include some muscle-building toys, like a spring pole. From helping you choose the right ingredients to the best activities, our goal is to provide your pitbull with everything they need to thrive.

Consider Adding a Supplement to the Dog Food

Just like us, dogs need additional vitamins outside of what they derive from their everyday diets. A full and robust nutrition plan is never just about the food but also vitamin-rich, muscle-building supplements that can help small puppies grow or nourish underweight adult dogs back to full vitality. Look for ingredients like whey protein, beta carotene, and fish oil to ensure that your pitbull is getting a maximized intake of nutrients they need. 

There is a wide array of supplements out there to help your pitbull gain weight the healthy way while enhancing their coat and overall health. A product like Bully Max Total Health Powder takes a comprehensive, seven-in-one approach that relies on high-quality ingredients like flaxseed to lend your dog greater joint mobility, cardiovascular support, and increased digestive health. Dog owners can also look for supplemental nutrition that passes for “treats” with their dogs, like Bully Max Performance Chews. Get your dogs to eat their B vitamins and pea protein by encasing those essentials in a high-protein treat with a meaty flavor they’ll never know is not just a reward for being a “good boy!” or “good girl!”

It’s Never Just Dog Food to Us

Happy pitbull dog

As dog owners, it’s incumbent on us to pay as much attention to the well-being of our dog’s body as we do to their contentment and enjoyment of life. Quality dog food that provides a balanced diet and minimal preservatives is the least we owe our loyal pitbull family members. 

When it comes to maintaining optimal health for your pitbull, consider our line of high-quality dog food at Bully Max. We believe a dog’s health and longevity starts with high-quality ingredients that are grain-free and packed with health-boosting elements like glucosamine. For instance, Bully Max High contains more calories than any other dog food formula in its class. Working on a 30% protein and 20% fat dynamic, this high-quality dog food provides muscle-building proteins and probiotics, all provided in 100% natural, human-grade ingredients. 

Our dog food offers your pitbull only the calories they’ll use, so check out our full line of products and get your dog started on the path to better health today.

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