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puppy socialization

When, Why and How to Socialize a Puppy

When you bring a new puppy home, begin planning a socialization schedule. Although this sounds complicated, it's not. Spending a few minutes a day introducing...

Author: Elaine Waldorf Gewirtz

how much exercise does a pitbull need

How Much Exercise Does a Pitbull Need?

How much exercise does a pitbull need? If you're asking this, you're in the right place! Pitbulls with their energy and strength, need the right...

Author: Dr. Irah Pearl Acierto

recall training - dog is running towards the owner when called

Recall Training: How to Teach Your Dog to Come When Called

One of the most important skills you can teach your dog is to come when called. Dogs who have perfected recall skills will be able...

Author: Sassafras Lowrey

puppy leash training

How to Leash Train Your Puppy [Dog Trainer Explains]

You might wonder why it’s so difficult for puppies to learn how to walk politely on a leash. After all, it’s as simple as matching...

Author: Stephanie Gibeault

how to calm a dog during a storm

How to Calm a Dog During a Storm

Want to learn how to calm your dog during a storm? If your typically brave dog has a tendency to turn into a scaredy cat whenever a storm rolls in, don’t fret. Many dogs get nervous or anxious during storms. But here’s the good news: if you can identify what exactly it is about storms […]
How to exercise your dog

5 Tips on How to Exercise Your Dog

If you want to learn more about how to exercise your dog, this post is for you. We’ve compiled some important basic information along with some suggestions of the best ways to help improve your dog’s health with more physical activity. How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Need? So how much exercise does a dog […]

Author: Dr. Irah Pearl Acierto

muscular dog

How to Put Muscle on Your Dog

If you want to learn how to put some serious muscle on your dog, you’ve come to the right place. Just like people, dogs can bulk up with increased muscle mass and strength.  Want to help your dog bulk up? Here at Bully Max, we produce some of the most effective and highly regarded dog […]
training your dog to herd chickens

How to Train Your Dog to Herd Chickens

Want to learn how to train your dog to herd backyard chickens? Then read on! If you own a chicken coop, training your dog to herd your chickens is a win-win scenario. First, it allows your chickens to range safely in the backyard. And second, it gives your dog much-needed exercise and stimulation. (Related: how […]
Possessive Aggression - Dogs Guard Their Food

Why Do Dogs Guard Their Food and How to Treat It?

Have you ever wondered why some dogs guard their food and if there is anything you can do about it? When was the last time your little best friend became protective or aggressive at the food bowl? Does he growl, lunge, or even bite at anyone—human or animal—who gets too close to their kibble? It […]
Dog Training Costs 2023

Dog Training Costs 2023

Are you wondering whether dog training might be a good investment for your pet? Obedience training can prove beneficial for most dogs and for various reasons. Dog owners may choose to engage in private training or in group training depending on their goals.  Some pet owners just want the socialization aspect of having their dogs […]
How to Build a Flirt Pole for Dogs (Exercise Equipment)

How to Build a Flirt Pole for Dogs (Exercise Equipment)

One of the top exercises for bulking up your dog is using the Flirt Pole. This is just a pole, a string, and dog toy at the end, but it will make massive gains in your dog’s posterior. What does the Flirt Pole do? It brings out their natural prey drive.  By jumping at the […]
puppy with bowl

When to Start Training Your Puppy

The day you bring home your new puppy is a happy one. Your new, tiny, four-legged friend will bring you many laughs throughout their puppyhood, but as you will quickly discover, they also require a considerable amount of work. Aside from getting your new puppy their vaccinations and nourishing them with specially designed puppy food, […]