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Dog food calculator (How many cups per day)


By using the dog food calculator below, you can determine exactly how many cups of food your dog will need per day.

Plus you can also determine how long a 15 lbs. bag of dog food will last.

Step 1) Calculate your dog’s ideal weight.

Step 2) Calculate how much your dog exercises.

Step 3) Add up the number of calories from your chosen brand or food.


What does this dog food calculator do?

  • Accurately displays how much to feed a dog per day in cups
  • Accurately displays how much you should feed your dog by their weight & activity level
  • Accurately displays how many days a 15 lbs. bag of dog food will last
  • Calculates the correct amount of food to feed your dog for weight loss
  • Calculates the correct amount of food to feed your dog for various activity levels

NOTE: This dog food calculator is designed for adult dogs only. For puppies, pregnant, and nursing dogs, please refer to the recommended feeding amounts that are printed on the bag of dog food.


Dog Food Calculator

Ideal weight (pounds)
Activity level
Food's calories per serving (kcal/cup)


  • Jill Reid

    what is 0.61 cups = is it 3/4 of a cup or what?

  • seriously?

    wth is wrong with you?

  • Jesse Bizardie III

    Jesse Bizardie III
    Need to get my address to be changed. That was post on my email. So that is why I’m trying to get a hold of u guys. My address is
    P.O. Box 3296
    Kayenta AZ 86033

  • Phillip

    Hi how much does one cup of food weigh

  • Conservatives stink

    What calculator?….I don’t see one.

  • Mike Miller

    How much should i feed my couch potatoes. One is 80lbs the other 40lbs

  • Bully Max

    Hi Jill, this is just over 1/2 cup.

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