5 Tips on How to Exercise Your Dog

If you want to learn more about how to exercise your dog, this post is for you. We’ve compiled some important basic information along with some suggestions of the best ways to help improve your dog’s health with more physical activity.

how to exercise your dog with walking

Most dogs will need around 30-60 minutes of exercise per day. But keep in mind that different breeds can vary in how much exercise they need. And of course, some dogs are naturally more energetic than others. Our recommendation is to start with an hour or two of physical activity, and adjust based on how your dog reacts.

5 Tips on How to Exercise with Your Dog

Take Your Dog On a Walk

Taking your dog is probably the most common and classic form of exercise, and it’s incredibly convenient. No matter where you are, you can almost always put on a leash and take your dog around the block for a walk. And of course, there’s a hidden benefit of walking your dog—which is that it forces you to get out of the house and get some exercise, too!

Take Your Dog On a Hike

Going for a walk is great, but taking your dog on a hike can be even better. Dogs love getting out in nature, and plus, this gives you an opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle so you can see a new trail too. Taking your dog on a hike often takes a little extra work, since driving is often involved, and for that reason it probably won’t happen as often. But your dog will love you for it! Just remember to bring along some treats and water, especially if it’s a long hike and/or if the temperature is hot.

Take Your Dog For a Jog or Bike Ride

So far, your dog has done a lot of walking. But once they’re ready for something a little more intense, you can take them jogging or bike riding with you. Depending on your physical fitness, you may find that you have to run slower and shorter than you’re used to…especially if your dog has very short legs. But this is another great way to give both of you an excellent workout at the same time.

Play Fetch or Use a Flirt Pole

Another fun way to exercise your dog is to simply play a game! Fetch is a classic game that takes only a ball or frisbee, or you can also buy or build a flirt pole to help build some extra strength and muscle for your dog.

how to exercise your dog with swimming

Take Them Swimming

Most people don’t think of swimming as an exercise for dogs, but it absolutely can be! Especially if your dog is a common swimming breed like Labrador Retrievers or Standard Poodles. The nice thing about swimming is that it’s low impact, which means it’s gentler on your dog’s joints than running and jumping.

How to Exercise Your Dog Responsibly

It’s important to learn how to exercise your dog in a way that’s safe. So when you’re exercising your dog, make sure to start slow and progress slowly. Anytime your dog starts to exhibit signs of being tired, that’s always a great time to stop and take a break. There’s no point in pushing your dog past the point where they want to stop.

And there you have it—some of our favorite tips on how to exercise your dog. Now get out there and work up a sweat with your dog!


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