Veterinarian, Freelance Contributor

Dr. Irah Pearl Acierto

Veterinarian, Freelance Contributor

Dr. Irah Pearl Acierto

Dr. Irah Pearl Acierto is a companion animal veterinarian and a freelance writer from the Philippines. She is trained in the fields of preventive medicine, internal medicine, animal nutrition, animal welfare and veterinary public health.

Back in her days as a veterinary medicine student, she had a keen interest in animal nutrition and constructed numerous theoretical feed formulations as part of her training. On the side, she volunteered in several rabies vaccination drives to help combat the rabies problem in her country. She also took an externship from Pulawskie Centrum Weterynaryjne in Poland during her clinician years to integrate advanced veterinary practices with her local veterinary teaching hospital. After graduating and becoming board-certified, she took time to mentor and teach veterinary students who will take the succeeding national licensure examinations.

Upon establishing a good career in companion animal practice, she began doing consultations locally and abroad. When not in clinical duty, she focuses her time writing veterinary articles, lectures and her dissertation. She also spearheads rabies vaccination drives in the Philippines annually.

Area Of Expertise

Animal Husbandry, Veterinary Medicine (Companion Animal), Veterinary Public Health

Education & Training

Dr. Irah Pearl Acierto earned her Bachelor's degree in Animal Husbandry from Central Luzon State University in the Philippines. She received her veterinary degree from the same university in 2021 and became board-certified, bagging a topnotch position nationwide. Currently, she is taking her Masters degree focused on veterinary public health. She is also a member with good standing in the Philippine Veterinary Medical Association.

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