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Bully Max Heavy Duty Resistance Dog Leash

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  • This ultimate resistance tool trains your dog to run faster, jump higher, and reach the peak of their physical performance abilities!
  • Flexible bungee cord offers both resistance and assistance training to build strength, speed, endurance, and agility
  • Use it to resist your dog’s movement, forcing greater muscle recruitment…OR pull them along to increase speed and train their ability to change directions
  • Easy-to-use bungee attaches to most standard harnesses
  • Durable 5-foot cord stretches to 8 feet and offers up to 330 pounds of resistance

Heavy Duty Dog Leash With the Ultimate Resistance

Want to maximize your dog’s strength, speed, and agility? 

With this heavy duty dog leash you can train your dog using the same resistance & assistance protocols that professional athletes and Olympians use to reach peak performance.

Simply attach the bungee to your dog’s harness and you train your dog in one of two ways:

Resistance training pulls your dog back as they run, forcing them to recruit more muscle fibers to keep going. This type of training helps develop explosive movements in a way that can’t be done with bodyweight training alone. 

Our heavy duty leash is the perfect way to add extra resistance to your dog’s training routine—quickly, easily, and safely.

Assistance training works the opposite way: by pulling your dog along, you force their body and neurological system to adapt to higher speeds and changes in direction…unlocking newfound quickness and agility.

It’s the ideal tool for running drills and can be used to strengthen your dog’s leg, shoulder, chest, and core muscles. Perfect for sled pullers!

Extra Strong & Heavy Duty Dog Leash Built to Last

Dog leashes can break - but don't settle for one that does. Our muscle-building bungee is made of long-lasting, durable material that stretches up to 8 feet long. Thanks to our flexible 360-degree design, this heavy duty dog leash can be used to train your dog’s movement in any direction. Highly recommended for athletic training and for dogs who have reached the limit of bodyweight exercises alone.


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Bully Max™ exercise tools are built using the highest-quality materials & are guaranteed to last a lifetime. We back our products with an unconditional lifetime replacement warranty, free of charge. In the rare instance that your toy doesn’t last, we’ll send a one-time replacement (free of charge).