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Indestructible Dog Ball for Power Chewers

Indestructible Dog Ball for Power Chewers

Finally, an Indestructible Dog Ball that lasts a lifetime!

Key Benefits of Our Indestructible Dog Ball:

  • Built for all breeds, sizes, & ages
  • Improves mental & physical health
  • Made using eco-friendly rubber
  • 100% safe, non-toxic, & dishwasher safe
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Ready for a Dog Ball That Can't Be Destroyed?

Tired of your dog ripping yet another tennis ball to shreds? 

Then you need our Heavy-Duty Indestructible Dog Ball for power chewers!

Check out The Incredibullz enjoying their Bully Max Indestructible Ball:

Chew toys for dogs come with plentiful benefits. In addition to being a great way to exercise their jaw muscles, chew toys also help your dog release excess energy and can even help keep their teeth clean. This is why every dog should have a good, strong chew toy available for them.

Why Choose Bully Max's Indestructible Dog Ball?

You're Tired of Other "Indestructible" Dog Toys

The problem with lower-quality chewing balls is that strong dogs can quickly rip them to pieces—sometimes in just a matter of minutes. When that happens, no more chew toy! Plus, there’s also the possibility that your dog could choke on a piece of the ripped-up toy. Other dog balls are not as durable and can be punctured and get caught in your dog's jaw or chip your dog's tooth - something that can be very dangerous for larger dog breeds. 

A Dog Ball Built for Aggressive Chewers

Not all dogs play the same, so we engineered an indestructible ball that's durable and built to last against the toughest of canines, no matter their size. So don’t mess around with cheap chew balls. Get your dog one of Bully Max’s Indestructible Dog Ball for Power Chewers.

Leave it near their bed to let them chew whenever they feel like it, and take it to the park for a game of fetch. No matter how hard or how long your dog chews this ball, we guarantee it will hold up to the abuse and be ready for more.

Our Heavy-Duty Ball for Power Chewers is made from 100% non-toxic materials and is designed to be the perfect size for any medium- to large-sized dog.

General questions

What’s the best training tool(s) for my dog?

Each of our new training devices offers different benefits. Here’s a quick rundown of each tool that might help you decide: Muscle-Building Bungee: Builds strength, speed, & explosive power. Bungee Spring Pole: Cardiovascular exercise, no hands-on training required. Bungee Tug with Comfort Handle: Cardiovascular exercise and owner-dog bonding. Heavy Duty Ball for Power Chewers: Strengthens jaw & provides a release for excess energy.