Bully Max Dog Food Comparison Chart


Not sure which brand of Bully Max dog food is the right choice for you? Not to worry! We’ve put together this handy chart for you to use as a reference to find the best dog food for your pup.

We take pride in ensuring that every dog food we create here at Bully Max is made from the highest-quality, human-grade ingredients with no fillers, no wheat/corn/soy, and no infuriating “proprietary blends” that some manufacturers use to hide the stuff they don’t want you to see.

Just browse this handy table to quickly & easily compare our dog foods for the choice that makes the most sense for you! A few quick hints on what to look for in this table:

  • If you want your dog to gain muscle, look for higher calorie, and protein density.
  • Real meat is the #1 ingredient in all our dog foods, but your dog may prefer the flavor of some meats more than others.
  • Probiotics help encourage healthy gut bacteria, making them good for your dog’s digestive system.
  • “All Life Stages” formulas are appropriate for both puppies and adults.
  • Each food has its own unique feature that makes it special, so make sure to read the last row!

bully-max-dog-food-table(Click the image to see a larger version)


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Brenda Scott on May 05, 2024

Is bully max puppy grain free?