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Which Dogs Are Considered Bully Breeds?

If you have any interest in dogs, you’ve surely heard about bully breeds. But what are bully breed dogs, exactly? What makes a dog a bully breed? And what kind of dogs are they? There’s also a good chance you’ve heard rumors about bully dogs—perhaps you’ve heard that they’re aggressive, or unpredictable, or maybe you’ve […]
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How to Choose the Best Puppy Food for Labrador Retrievers

Labrador retrievers are revered as America’s most popular dog breed — and for good reason. Although they were originally bred to help with hunting and fishing, people have adopted Labrador retriever puppies as family dogs. These good-natured, high-energy dogs quickly become a part of the family, as they’re good with nearly everyone. Growing anywhere between […]
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Dog Shows: What you need to know before getting in the ring

“Show Me The Bully” Article by: Bully The Kid Dog shows have been happening for hundreds of years. The image of dog shows usually starts with a poorly dressed individual oddly running around the ring with a poodle like dog at the end of his or her leash. The dog show enthusiast is stereotyped as […]
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