20 Dogs that Use Bully Max - Results You Have to See to Believe!


Bully Max is ideal for improving your dog’s growth, muscle mass, and over all health. Since 2008 over 393,932 dog owners have used Bully Max for just that.

In no particular order, here’s 20 dogs that use Bully Max.

worlds most muscular dog on bully max
1.) Hachi from Mutant Made Bullies in Texas uses a combination of Bully Max muscle builder and high performance dog food. He’s undoubtably one of the most muscled up American Bullies worldwide.
muscled up pit bull on bully max
2.) Barbie from Physique Bullies in New York — fueled by a combination of Bully Max high performance dog food & Bully Max tablets.
bully max supplement results

3.) Another amazing shot of Barbie from Physique Bullies in new york.
pit bull on bully max

4.) A muscled up American Pit Bull Terrier on Bully Max — keeping his owner’s car safe.
american bully dog on bully max results
5.) Barbie — this amazing athlete is owned by Physique Bullies.
blue nose pit bull on bully max results

6.) A blue nose American Pit Bull Terrier. This amazing athlete use a combination of Bully Max muscle builder and flirt pole exercises. While exercise isn’t require, it will improve the results Bully Max delivers. Two of the most effective muscle building tools are the flirt pole and spring pole.
red nose pit bull on bully max
7.) Goldie — this female American Bully was trained and raised on Bully Max since she was a puppy (7 weeks old).
bully max sponsored dog hachi
8.) Hachi from Mutant Made Bullies in Texas — fueled by Bully Max dog food and supplements.
best dog food for pit bulls results

9.) A red nose APBT that was on Bully Max for the past 7 months.
bully plug kennels dog

10.) Apollo from Bully Plug — another example of what Bully Max can do for your dog.
bully max high performance dog food results
11.) Pit dude’s pack of Bulls — fueled by bullymax.com
rose from manmade kennels
12.) Rose from Manmade kennels is a perfect example of the results Bully Max can deliver. She was raised on Bully Max since she was a puppy.
dog owner with his APBT

13.) Pit dude feeding his dog Bully Max performance chews (ideal for packing on muscle and boosting your dog’s health).
spring pole dog workout
14.) Another shot of Barbie working on the spring pole.
dogs on bully max results
15.) Another shot of Pit Dude feeding his dog Bully Max chews.
bully max dog food results 2
16.) This muscled up dog uses a combination of Bully Max and Bully Max PRO Muscle Gain Powder to achieve these amazing results.
high protein dog food results
17.) An APBT on Bully Max Pro Muscle Gain Powder and Bully Max
dog muscle gainer results
18.) An American Bully on Bully Max tablets.
pitbulls on bullymax results
19.) Another shot of Pit Dude’s pack during feeding time.
bully max muscle gain chews results on pit bull
20.) One of the many dogs from Pit Dude’s pack

Tips on choosing a quality dog food

Pricing tips: When comparing prices on dog food, it’s important you compare the price per day, not the price per pound.

Lower quality foods are always less expensive per pound. But it doesn’t mean the cost per day is lower. In most cases, you’ll have to feed your dog twice, sometimes three times as much food compared to higher quality brands. This is due to the fillers used in low quality foods. Ingredients like soy, corn, & wheat provide very little nutritional value.

A 15 pound of high quality dog food without fillers (such as Bully Max high performance) will last you 30+ days.

A 15 pounds of low quality dog food with fillers will lasts 17 days or less.

Ingredients to avoid: Corn, soy, and wheat gluten. Meat (non-specific source of protein), grain, and by-products. BHA (Butylated Hydroxyanisole), BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene), Ethoxyquin, Food dyes (some of the food dyes found in low quality dog foods include Blue 2, Red 40, Yellow 5 and 6, 4-MIE), PG (Propylene Glycol), Rendered fat. Any dog food that contains one or more than one of these ingredients should be avoided.

How to spot a high quality protein: Make sure the #1 source of protein specifies the animal it comes from. Examples of high quality / animal specific sources of protein — chicken, beef, venison, duck, chicken-meal, venison-meal, beef-meal, & duck-meal, ext.

How to find the best prices for dog food: Always check on the manufacturer’s website prior to purchases from third-party retailers (such as Amazon). In many cases, you’ll find the food to be priced significantly lower on the manufacturer’s website. This is due to the high fees that Amazon charges retailers to sell on Amazon (usually 30% or more).

Tips on using Bully Max muscle building tabs for dogs

For maximum results, we recommend pairing Bully Max tablets with Bully Max dog food.

To maximize the results of Bully Max products, moderate exercise is recommended (not required).

To improve your dog’s cardiovascular health and speed up the muscle-building process you can use two tools. One is the spring pole and the other is the flirt pole.

You can mount your spring pole in just about any area that a heavy bag (for boxing) can be mounted. This includes but is not limited to heavy bag mounts, tree limbs, underneath decks, garages (support beams), or even a swing set.

Here’s a video on how to make a spring pole:

Flirt poles are used to bring out your dog’s natural prey drive. The jumping and sprinting motions speed up the muscle-building process and improve your dog’s cardio at the same time.

Here’s how you can make your own flirt pole for around $10 or less:

You can even make a FREE spring pole using house hold items such as a broom stick, dog toy, and a rope. The concept is the same as the spring pole shown in the video above. Both are just as effective at bringing out your dog’s prey drive.

Here’s some tips on how to use the flirt pole presented and created by our friends over at Dogumentary TV:


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