Satin Balls: The Ultimate Meal for Bulking up Dogs


Does your pit bull need to pack on some weight?

If your dog is sick, malnourished, or has no appetite, it can be frustrating getting trying to get them to eat.

Enter: satin balls.

Satin Balls is a canine recipe with raw meat meant to help dogs gain weight. They’re delicious little balls of meat and grains that your dog is going to LOVE.

The only downside to traditional satin balls is that they are not considered a complete and balanced meal (Due to lack of vitamins & minerals).

That’s why we invented a new and improved Satin Ball Recipe — Bully Max™ Patties.

Bully Max™ Patties trade out Wheat Germ with Bully Max PRO Series Muscle Gain Powder, which helps this recipe to deliver a much more balanced ratio of macronutrients (protein, fat, & carbohydrates). It’s lower-carb and higher-protein than normal satin balls.

Plus, The Bully Max™ Patties are much higher in protein, fat, vitamins, & nutrients than normal satin balls due to all the extra nutrients in Bully Max PRO Series Muscle Gain Powder (and the optional Bully Max Total Health Supplement).

Your dog is going to love it!

Bully Max™ Patties / The Ultimate Satin Balls Recipe

This should provide you with about 10-20 servings of Bully Max™ Patties (depending on the size of your dog). For a smaller batch, just reduce the amount of each ingredient.



  1. Mix together well in a huge bowl.
  2. Form into balls or patties.
  3. Serve them to your dog raw.
  4. Store them in zip-lock bags in the freezer.
  5. Thaw them one at a time when you’re ready to serve them.

Recipe Tips:

  • Everything is served raw—even the eggs and hamburger. (It might sound gross to you, but your dog will love it.)
  • Just remember to use proper sanitization methods when handling uncooked meats.
  • When mixing the ingredients together, the whole thing is going to be one big gooey mess. So make sure to do your mixing in a big bowl. Putting down some newspaper wouldn’t hurt either.
  • If you prefer to do all the mixing at once, you can make extra Bully Max™ Patties and freeze them for later use.
  • Whole Wheat Total comes in two sizes; go for the larger box, which is 1 lb 2 oz.
  • For oatmeal, you can get Quaker Old Fashioned, or feel free to get a cheaper generic brand. The large round containers are 2 lbs 10 oz in size.
  • Because satin balls are eaten raw, it’s a good idea to wash your dog’s bowl (or whatever you’re serving them on) after each serving of Bully Max™ Patties.
  • If you are unfamiliar with feeding your dog raw meals, we recommend reading the beginners guide to feeding raw.

If you are not sure about making satin balls you can always choose our Bully Max dog food.

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