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Puppy Starter Pack for Training & Growth

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There’s nothing like a new puppy to fill a house with joy. But a new puppy also comes with challenges—what kind of food should you get? Do they need treats? What about a leash, and toys?

Not to worry. Our Bully Max Starter Pack for Training & Growth has you covered with all the essentials you need to get started giving your new puppy the life they deserve.

We’ve included everything a new puppy owner should have, all delivered with the high-quality construction and delicious, healthy recipes you’ve come to expect from Bully Max.

Each Puppy Starter Pack contains:

1 bag of 24/14 High Protein & Growth Puppy Food
This delicious and wholesome lamb-based recipe contains a whopping 419 calories per cup, along with powerful TruMune postbiotics to help support a healthy immune system and gut health. The #1 and #2 ingredients are real lamb meal and pork!

1 bag of 2-in-1 Puppy Chews for Immunity & Growth
These soft chews are designed to help support your puppy’s growing body and help keep them healthy when it matters most. With 175 mg of colostrum per chew, along with other essential ingredients, your puppy will thrive with these delicious, healthy supplements.

1 Heavy-Duty Resistance Dog Leash
Our resistance leash offers up to 330 pounds of resistance, making it the perfect way to help provide strength training for your puppy in a way that’s effective and safe! It attaches to any harness, making it easy to give your puppy the training they need to increase their physique and performance.

1 Heavy-Duty 32 oz. Steel Dog Bowl
This is one dog bowl that is built to LAST. Made from double-wall stainless steel and food-grade material, it will survive any beating your puppy can dish out. Its dishwasher-safe with a non-slip grip to prevent spills.

1 Heavy-Duty Chew Ring
This chew ring is made for any breed, age, or size—making it the perfect chew ring for your new puppy to grow into. Chew rings help improve your dog’s mental and physical health (while also keeping them occupied when you’re busy). Made from nontoxic ingredients. Dishwasher safe.

Of course, the products in this Bully Max bundle are all-natural with added vitamins, minerals, and trace nutrients. They contain…

  • NO artificial colors
  • NO artificial flavors
  • NO by-products
  • NO corn, wheat, or soy

    Full Label Disclosure
    At Bully Max, we have nothing to hide. We provide full label disclosure on all of our products.  While some manufacturers may use proprietary blends (“mystery ingredients”) to sneak cheap, unhealthy ingredients into their products without the customer’s knowledge, our products contain only healthy, high-quality ingredients.  That’s why every ingredient is clearly stated on the label. 

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    All Bully Max™ brand products have the benefit of Full Label Disclosure. This means that every ingredient that is used is clearly listed on each label. You will never find proprietary blends on our labels (Also known as "Mystery ingredients").
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