Dog Training Costs 2023


Are you wondering whether dog training might be a good investment for your pet? Obedience training can prove beneficial for most dogs and for various reasons. Dog owners may choose to engage in private training or in group training depending on their goals. 

Some pet owners just want the socialization aspect of having their dogs interact with other people and pets, while others may want to teach their dogs specialized skills to assist with specific needs at home — such as nighttime security or alertness to a family member’s status. 

In this article, Bully Max breaks down the costs associated with dog training in 2023 and what you can expect when you enroll your pet. 

General Dog Training Costs in 2023

The following breakdown shows what you can generally expect to pay for various age-specific dog training:

  • Puppy courses: $70-$125 per private hourly session
  • Comprehensive adult in-home obedience course: $200-$350
  • Advanced adult in-home obedience course: $400-$550
  • In-home behavioral modification packages:
    • 5 classes: $300-$375
    • 10 classes: $500-$700
  • In-home aggressive behaviors packages: 
    • 5 classes: $400-$650
    • 10 classes: $800-$950

Always check with dog trainers in your own area for the most up-to-date pricing pertaining to your location and your pet’s needs. It’s also wise to research dog trainers before enrolling in a course. Consider consulting your veterinarian for references and the most appropriate courses for your dog. 

Factors Influencing Dog Training Costs in 2023

labrador dog in training

The good news is that dog training is highly customizable to your dog’s needs. Several factors will determine how much you can expect to pay for dog training, including your dog’s age and your reason for seeking professional assistance. You may also decide to have your dog complete more than one type of training.

Another factor is whether you want to enroll your dog in group classes or take private lessons. Typically, private sessions are a bit more expensive than group classes. This also includes whether your dog stays with the trainer for a set period or you pay for classes in a more day care-style setting. 

You’ll need to be mindful of the number of sessions your dog requires and whether any materials are provided, such as specific learning or exercise tools. The cost of dog training may also go up for puppy training and other forms of learning where special skills are taught (such as vehicle or family assistance).

Where you live will have an effect on dog training costs, as well. For instance, dog trainers in Brooklyn, New York, might be slightly more expensive than those advertising similar services in more rural areas. 

Location will also impact your dog training in one more way: whether the training classes occur at your home or in a studio. Some professional dog trainers choose to work in a studio where they can exert the most control over what the dog is seeing, smelling, and experiencing. Others may work in highly public areas or come to your home where the dog is most comfortable.

What Goes Into Dog Training Classes?

While training methods are as varied as dog breeds, most reputable training classes focus on positive reinforcement to help your four-legged friend learn boundaries and basic commands. Adult dogs who haven’t been handled much may need to go through additional exercises to socialize them. 

If you have a puppy that you intend to use as a therapy dog or canine good citizen, more advanced training in “people skills” may be mandatory. Any animal going into service dog training will require a far more lengthy and in-depth boot camp, including exposure to crosswalks, loud children, door buzzers, and more. Ultimately, your dog’s training will be determined by what new skills you hope for them to learn at the training facility. Naturally, the more your dog learns and is able to do, the higher the average cost of the training programs.

How to Assess Whether Dog Training Is Right for Your Pet

Are there habits you would like your dog to pick up? Perhaps you’ve noticed your pooch is suffering from separation anxiety when you leave home each day and has begun to chew the rugs to cope. These reasons and more can help you assess whether and what kind of dog training may be right for your pet. 

The American Kennel Club (AKC) lists dog training as a fundamental part of responsible dog ownership. Think of dog training as being like crate training — sometimes time-consuming but generally necessary. In particular, rescue dogs benefit immensely from having a professional dog trainer teach them basic obedience. In many cases, this may be the first time a rescue dog has seen a kennel or been freely touched by humans. Imagine being thrown into an office job when you had no educational background or work experience; the effect of going from hard circumstances to a stable home can be very similar for many rescue dogs without dog training.

However, all sorts of dog owners may choose to educate their pets via some type of training. Pet parents who want their dogs to participate in AKC sports may find that private sessions, teaching everything from new skills to advanced training in endurance, are necessary. By the same token, you may not have any competition plans for your pup but just want them to stop barking in the middle of the night and need some professional assistance dealing with this type of behavior. 

You might also be a new parent who wants to ensure that your adult dogs learn gentleness around children and basic commands surrounding all the changes in your home due to the child’s environment. The old saying is not true: You absolutely can teach an old dog new tricks.

Remember that it’s not just your pet that can pick up new skills in a dog training class. Many private sessions and group classes encourage owners to participate so the dogs get more familiar with the sound of their master’s voice. Dog trainers often emphasize that the most important socialization any dog goes through is that with their owner. 

With this in mind, some dog owners may choose to glean what they can from online dog training courses and teach their pets basic obedience themselves. They may then seek professional assistance with more complex commands. Whatever path you and your pooch take toward dog training, it should always be one you’ve paved together.

Benefits of Hiring a Dog Trainer

german shepherd with dog trainer

Whether you’ve got a new dog, an older dog, or need puppy classes thanks to your last trip to PetSmart, there is a dog trainer out there for you. The benefits of enrolling your pet in professional dog training are extensive. 

From increased sensitivity to basic obedience to learning how to behave well around other dogs in day care, dogs can better respond when they’ve had some kind of training. The following list provides some of the more immediately visible benefits of engaging your pet in basic obedience classes:

  • Increased adaptability in public situations
  • Heightened alertness to human tones of voice and facial expressions
  • Leash and ground manners
  • Responsiveness to potty and crate training
  • Ability to make other desired behavior modifications in the future

Set Your Dog Up for Success

No matter what type of training you decide on for your canine companion, don’t forget to feed them well. Bully Max’s high-quality dog food provides the foundation your pet needs when exercised. For example, Bully Max’s High-Performance Dog Food has 30% protein and 20% fat to keep your dog energized and full during any of their training sessions. The 535 calories per cup will be much appreciated after a long day at doggie school, and the fact that our meat-based formula is packed with replenishing vitamins and minerals means you can feel good about what your dog is eating while they’re learning.

While you’re at it, check out our other products to keep your dog healthy — whether they’re working hard in class or playing in the backyard.


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I’m adopting a puppy next week, but I’m concerned about his behavior since I live in a very strict community. That’s why I’m interested in hiring a dog trainer that teaches my dog how to behave well around others, as you mentioned. Thank you for the information on what a dog could learn with the help of a professional trainer.

Ross Strevel on May 19, 2023

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