4th of July Pet Safety

Article by: Nate Houston

There are few things better than having a BBQ with friends and family while watching or setting off fireworks. Where we can relax and de-stress the opposite can be true of our furry friends. According to the ASPCA, the 4 th of July weekend sees more dogs run away than any other time of the year. Fireworks and other loud noises combined with a lot of unfamiliar people can easily scare dogs and send them into a panic. We would like to share a few tips for keeping your dog safe and happy over the upcoming holiday.

1. Keep your dog inside or on a leash.

If you want your dog to enjoy the festivities with you outside be sure that you are holding their leash at all times or the area is enclosed with sturdy and secure fencing. If you are hosting it may be easier to put them inside with the doors closed for the duration of the fireworks show.

2. Nobody is responsible for your dog except you.

If you are hosting, don’t expect all your guests to look out for your dog. Your pet is your responsibility and your neighbors may not notice a pup slipping in and out of the house or yard.

Keep an eye on all exits to make sure a guest does not leave anything open.

3. Keep your dog away from food.

You may have guests or be at a party where not everyone knows your dog’s eating habits. Make sure that you are keeping an eye on your pup so nobody mistakenly throws them a chicken wing or anything that may be harmful.

4. Tire them out earlier in the day.

With so many new and maybe familiar faces around at a family party, it is important to get your dog’s exercise in beforehand. A well exercised dog will be more calm than a pooch that has sat indoors all day.

5. Check their tags

The goal is to have a safe and fun day. But if your dog does get out and run from the fireworks having your pet micro-chipped and kept updated tags on their collar will help in the effort to find your lost family member

6. Know who will be there and if they are bringing a dog

Make sure to ask your friends and family about any other dogs that may be around. Unfortunately, not everyone in the dog-owning community is as responsible as most of us. If you know of a dog that may not play well with others consider leaving yours at home.

Hopefully, we can all use our common sense and have a safe, happy holiday where we remember our nation's founding.

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