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A spring pole is considered the best muscle building exercise tool for dogs, providing countless hours of fun.

Dogs love the pulling, swinging, and tugging action that the spring pole provides.

What a spring pole does

The spring pole simulates the tug-o-war game. Dog’s are naturally challenged by this game.

It entices them to pull, hang, and swing.... As seen here in this Video of Bully Max sponsored ACE from DarkDynastyK9s:

The spring pole provides an intense muscle-building workout that burns a great deal of energy.

Parts Needed:

  1. Trigger hook / swivel eye tie snap
  2. Quick link
  3. Porch swing spring
  4. Carabiner (spring hook)
  5. A rope OR piece of firehose (The firehose is more durable)
  6. A piece of rope to hang your spring pole from a tree

If you're unable to hang your spring pole from a tree, you can use an Everlast wood beam hanger.

Total cost $30 - $35

Complete spring pole part list

How you build it...

Step 1: Locate a place to mount the spring pole

A strong tree branch is usually the easiest way to mount your spring pole.

If a tree branch isn’t available, a wood beam would be the next best choice.

You can find a suitable wood beam in your garage, under your deck, or in your basement.

Step 2: Install a hanger for the spring pole

Tree branch method:

Tie a rope to the branch.

The rope will act as your hanger for the rest of the parts.

The bottom of this rope should be roughly 5 feet from the ground.

Wood beam method:

If you are using a wood beam, the Everlast Wood Beam Hanger was the most durable and cost effective hanger we found.

Two large screws are provided with the wood hanger. Using a ratchet, screw the screws through the holes in wood beam hanger and into the wood beam.

Other hanging methods:

You can get some additional ideas on how to hang your spring pole by searching for the term “heavy bag mount” in google images.

Step 3: Connect your parts together

Attach your parts together in this order (From the top to bottom)

  • Rope or wooden beam hanger
  • Trigger hook
  • Quick link
  • Porch spring
  • Carabiner (spring hook)
  • Fire hose or toy

After your parts are all connected, here's what the spring pole will look like:

Step 4: Introduce your dog to the spring pole

You can get them started by holding the tug rope and shaking it.

This will entice them to start using the spring pole.

Some dogs may need more encouragement than others. If your dog isn't showing interest in the spring pole, you can encourage them to use it by rewarding them with verbal praises and treats.

You can also attach a cowhide to the rope in order to increase their interest.

If they still aren't grasping the concept, you can lower the spring pole to ground level and play tug games with them. Overtime you can gradually raise the height of the rope until it's high enough for them to hang from it.

Challenge your dog

To make it more challenging you can raise the height of the rope as high as 6 feet in the air!


Pictured above is Bully Max sponsored ACE from DarkDynastyK9s. A perfect example of the results that a good workout on the spring pole and the right diet delivers.

ACE uses Gorilla Max to get the most out of his workouts on the spring pole.

For dogs of all ages and breeds

Dogs of all ages and breeds enjoy using the spring pole.

Puppies: adjust the height of the rope as needed.

Beginners: recommended height: 4 feet off the ground

Advanced: recommended height: 6+ feet off of the ground

Video: How to build a spring pole

Any questions on building a spring pole? Just comment below! And if you're looking for other ways to pump up the activity for your dog, don't forget to check out our Indestructible Dog Ball from our Bully Max dog equipment collection.

Last But Not Least, Don't Forget...

It's always a good idea to consult your veterinarian before starting any new exercise routine with your dog. In addition, consult your vet immediately if you suspect your dog has sustained any injuries as a result of using the spring pole.

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Bully Max on May 17, 2023

Hi Abbey. Yes, Bully Max is suitable for all breeds of dogs. With 2 hours of exercise per day, you would see some great results. You may also want to try Bully Max dog food ( along with Bully Max supplements for maximum results.

Abbey Borsom on May 17, 2023

Hi i was wondering, will bully max help beef up my doberman? I have a european male, but he isnt very toned or muscular. I exercise him intensely for 2 hours a day, and see only a little improvement. he is on a good diet, and is a very lean weight, as a i run him next to my bike

Vale on May 17, 2023

I use it with my 35 pounds german shepherd mix… she loves it and can hang for longer than our friend’s pit!

Bully Max on May 17, 2023

Hi Marco, in this video, our friends over at manmade kennels explain what springs need to be used for puppies and smaller breeds:

Marco on May 17, 2023

I would like to build a spring pole, I have Vizsla’s that weigh between 25 to 35 kg depending if male or female. I notice that the spring poles are shown with a porch swing spring that is designed to take quite a load. I am sure that a bull breed is much stronger than my dogs and I was wondering if my dogs would even make an impact on the porch spring ?