Average Pitbull Weight, Height and Size

Wondering if your Pitbull is at a healthy size? Understanding the healthy pitbull weight is important because knowing how to monitor and adjust your pitbull’s size appropriately could be vital to their longevity and well-being.

Pitbulls are genetically built for muscularity and size. Because pit bulls have a unique body type, you can’t necessarily judge their weight based on that of other breeds. Being one of the most muscular dog breeds, they tend to be a bit heavier for their height than many other dogs.

Read on, and we’ll describe the average weight and height that healthy Pitbulls should be at during the different chapters of their life.

Is My Pitbull Growing Properly?

Pitbull Weight

Pitbulls typically stop growing and reach their full adult size between 12 and 18 months. The first 9 to 12 months will be a wonderful time of growth and development for your pup. We’ll provide you with guidelines and averages concerning the height and weight depending on your dog’s age.

However, keep in mind that monitoring healthy physical development isn’t just about rigid numbers. Every dog is different, and it’s essential to consider your dog’s appearance, behavior, and weight. Also, keep in mind that growth isn’t always linear. It’s pretty standard for a dog to have overnight growth spurts followed by periods of plateaus.

Here’s a tip to help judge your dog’s size: look at their paws. Younger dogs will grow into their feet, and bigger dogs will have large paws even as young pups. If your puppy’s paws still seem large in proportion to its body, she probably still has some healthy growing left to do.

How Much Should My Pitbull Weigh?

It’s crucial to monitor your pitbull’s weight to make sure they’re remaining healthy. Being underweight could signify a serious medical condition, malnourishment, or both. Obesity comes with a long, long list of negative consequences.

At the same time, consider that Pitbulls vary considerably in their ideal height and weight, more so than many other dog breeds. Some Pitbulls could hit 80 or 90 lbs. Others may reach a healthy adult weight of only 45 pounds or so. This is perfectly normal, so be mindful of appearance, body proportions, and weight.

At two months, 15 to 20 pounds is typically a good healthy weight for your pitbull. For a 4-month-old, 35 to 40 pounds is approximately average. When your pitbull reaches six months old, 40 to 60 pounds is an average ballpark. At one year of age, that increases to 50 to 75 pounds.

Males often weigh a few more pounds than females.

Pitbull Weight Chart 

Pitbull Weight Chart Source pitbullpuppies.org

What Is The Average Pitbull Height And Size?

Though healthy Pitbulls do vary in height and size, there is an average range that they generally fall under.

Refer to the table above for some specific average measurements and weights for a pit bull.

Oh, and in case you weren’t sure: to determine your pitbull’s height, measure from their shoulder (rather than the top of their head). When your pitbull is all grown up, the average size of its shoulders will be approximately 15 to 20 inches. It’s also pretty standard for males to be an inch or two taller than their female counterparts.

Factors That Can Stunt My Pitbull’s Growth

There are several ways a pitbull’s growth can be stunted. Some of the common causes include:

  • Intestinal worms
  • Internal parasites
  • Malnutrition
  • Liver shunt
  • Canine dwarfism

The good news is that stunted growth is usually treatable. If your pup shows a small change, you should talk to your veterinarian about it as soon as possible. A medical diagnosis is beyond the scope of this article.

What Should I Do If My Pitbull Is Underweight?

Understanding the different factors that determine your pitbull’s weight and size is essential. Monitoring your dog’s growth is part of responsible puppy rearing.

Besides, if your dog does have some medical condition, knock on wood; you want to determine that as soon as possible. Often it’s nothing too serious, and it might just be that your pup could benefit from putting on a few pounds. But putting it off could potentially lead to a much more difficult situation. 

Of course, there are dietary means to bulk up your dog. If your pup is underweight, ensure you provide plenty of healthy proteins and fats.

You can increase the portion sizes at mealtime. Just take care to do so gradually and thoughtfully. For more details, check out our guide on how much to feed your dog.

And if you’re looking for a high-calorie food full of healthy ingredients (no filler), check out our best-selling high-protein dog food. It’s an excellent choice for any pitbull—or any other breed, for that matter—that needs to gain a little weight.

We also produce an extremely popular weight gainer for dogs. It’s full of Natural with added vitamins, minerals, and trace nutrients, healthy ingredients, and has proven to be a safe and effective way to help even the pickiest eaters to reach a healthy weight.

Finally, check out our personalized nutrition plans if you’re not sure what foods and supplements you need to meet your dog’s unique health and weight goals. We created them based on shared goals to help make it easy for you to give your pitbull the healthy nutrition they need to grow and stay fit.


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Pat King on Feb 12, 2024

We have inherited a 13 yr old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She stands 19" tall. She arrived in July weighing 64 lbs. At October vet visit her weight was 51 lbs. The vet was quite pleased. Today she weighed 48 lbs. Im concerned she is getting too thin. Her coat is beautiful and her skin rashes and bumps have improved on a low grain diet. Please advise.

Carvis on Oct 23, 2023

I have a 10 month old (female) and she’s 70 pounds and growing. She’s a half breed. The mom is a terrier and the dads a bully

Christine Estepp on Oct 05, 2023

My pit is almost 3 and weighs 85 pounds, he’s very food motivated and can’t walk on a leash properly 😂 so we exercise him in our yard with fetch and he randomly gets the zoomies so he gets plenty of exercise but somehow keeps putting on the pounds, he’s our couch hippo ♥️

Nichole on Sep 27, 2023

We have aa male pit bull/ lab mix. He just turned 2 yes of age this past weekend. He weighs 62lbs. He also loves veggies and fruits which makes him maintain a great weight. Love my pit, he’s our first ever pit. A big mush he definitely is especially with our 8yr old son.

Christopher Brunet on Sep 21, 2023

My Bella was way underweight when we rescued her. We think she was a little over 1. You could see every bone in her body. She is going on 9 now and weighs in at a good 70 pounds. Best damn dog I have ever had the joy of being with.